Dental consult

I can’t believe that I had my camera and didn’t take any pictures, but that’s how it went today.

I had the pleasure of escorting a young dentist and his wife to Jim’s office.  They are here exploring the possibilities of a long-term overseas commitment, and had some questions they wanted to ask someone who’s been here for a bit.  Lee and Michelle will be visiting several cities, meeting with a variety of medical folks.  Lee has been to Ukraine several times but his newly-wed bride is here for the first time.  Definitely a fact-finding trip!

Michelle is currently working with “at risk” kids near Dallas, and has just received a degree in counselling from Westminster in Philadelphia.  That’s where Ron Harris (Ukraine Family Institute) attended as well.  Small world!

A patient arrived at the office while we were there so Jim excused himself for a few minutes.  When he poked his head back in where we were sitting, he asked for Lee to please join him in the consultation room.  Wow!  A dental consult on the spot.  Nothing like putting the guest to work!

Please pray for this couple as they seek God’s direction.


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