Maxim and Viktor

A big day at Children’s Hospital — Jim joined me there!

Maxim, a little boy that we’ve known for a couple of years now, was back in the hospital. It’s been several months since we’ve seen him, but it sure appeared that he might have remembered Jim! Big smiles all around!

AND, our little abandoned baby boy now has a name: Viktor! Pray for this little guy — he managed to lose most of his lunch all over the floor as soon as I picked him up. I understand that this is fairly normal for him, along with lengthy bouts of the hiccoughs. A bottle of warm tea refilled his tummy, but he obviously needs to be able to keep something with nutrition in his little body. It is unknown whether he is HIV+ or not — all we DO know is that his mother gave him up before she even named him.

Ukraine Medical Outreach has been involved at this hospital for several years — providing love and attention for the orphans, supplies for the children and staff, as well as new bassinets and an outside door. We are hoping to begin English classes there soon, and Jim is discussing possibilities of holding a Saline Solution conference there.



  1. These children are so beautiful. It makes we want to adopt all over again–or at least go serve! I just prayed for Viktor. Please let us know when he is able to keep food down.

  2. remembering the day I met the children…

  3. Bamadawg: I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for praying. By the way, did you receive an email from me about the ministry in Kentucky?

    Doug: Remember that you’re always welcome to return! Thanks for checking in on my blog…

  4. Ukraniac,

    Somehow I missed that email. I just saw it and replied. 🙂

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