Jamie stopped by this afternoon and used his phone to snap this picture of the beautiful yellow tulips that Jim gave me last night for Valentine’s Day. Flowers are for sale all over this city…in florist shops, kiosks, stands under the metro, on the street…no matter which season we’re in.

Even winter. The brilliant colors add welcome variety to very grey winter days. I’m always amazed to see tulips for sale at this time of year. But always thankful to have them around the flat.

Jim led a medical Bible study last night so he didn’t return home until after 10. A little late for dinner! So tonight he treated me to dinner OUT. We went to an Argentinian grill that is only a few blocks from our flat. He tried one of the new entrees — pork chops stuffed with pineapple and then cooked over an open flame. They looked quite tasty! I had my favorite: Salat Rosario. A salad consisting of avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes…and a little bit of lettuce. The dressing is very rich, so a little goes a long way! We finished up with cappuccino and strolled home.

You know, there’s nothing like celebrating Valentine’s Day with the love of your life. And, even better, celebrating every day together.



  1. That is a very good quality photo taken by a mobile phone. I’m amazed! Seems you had a lovely time celebrating Valentines day with your loved one!!! I just had a Skype conversation with mine writing back and forth. His sound doesn’t work so he makes me laugh with his funny comments. We “discussed” other heavier topics but I guess the reason I love my man is he makes me LAUGH!!! He wouldn’t hang up and it was way past midnight for him. Soon I will see him again, the Lord willing.

    I marvel at our modern technology, mobile phone photos, this blog for diary entries and Skype for phone conversations 10,000 miles apart. What will happen next to top this?

  2. It just amazes me that tulips are both yours and my favourite flowers! It’s just that I don’t know anyone else, except for you, who likes them as much as I do! I reeeeeaaalllly wanted them in my wedding bouqette, but in every place they said they were either too hard to get in August or not practical enough because they are so delicate… sigh… So, anyhow, that’s why I’ll be needing a ‘tulip compensation’ for the rest of my life :))
    What I’m trying to say is that I’m happy for you and your tulips 🙂

  3. Yeah, it’s a nice phone, too, we picked it together. Jamie’s phone was my present for him and today we ordered my phone as his present for me – a St. Valentine’s and 8th of March present. How exciting! I guess it’s a worthy tulip compensation.

  4. Sally Batchelor says:

    I am so glad that Jim remembered your flowers for Valentine’s Day! Your love story is a beautiful and inspiring one. Tulips are my favorite too and tell Dasha that IS what I carried in my wedding bouqutte! I think you had talked about taking us to that Argentine restaurant when we were there. I am assuming that you aren’t making it to the states the March? Sally

  5. This is a very sweet post. I too love tulips. I wouldn’t say they were my favorites becuase I love so many flowers. But they are one of my favorites.

    “You know, there’s nothing like celebrating Valentine’s Day with the love of your life. And, even better, celebrating every day together.”

    I like this quote the best.
    It makes me very happy.

  6. It’s always surprising to see which posts generate comments! I think the picture sets the tone for this one…

    Sally — we DID go to that restaurant with you. It’s the place where you had McNuggets for Mose! I have pictures of all of us there. Praying for you and that fabulous family!

    Dasha, milk that “tulip compensation” for as long as you can! (Just kidding!)

    Kristina — so glad that you were able to talk/write with Ken. It is funny when one can talk and the other has to write.

    Faith — thank you for your sweet comment. I’m glad that it made you happy. Your comments made me smile.

  7. 🙂

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